6 Ways To Prevent Seasonal Hair Fall

What is one thing we dread about winters? The uncontrollable hair fall! You must have wondered if so much hair is wriggled at the end of your comb, what is left on your head! Well, it’s not just you, people all around the world experience heavy shedding during the winter months, and somehow it seems to be in sync with the ecosystem. Your hair follicles have a growth cycle of their own where they nurture, reach transition, and rest ( 1 ). If you were wondering why your hair seems to detach from you only in winters, we are here with some satisfying answers. There is ample research on why there are annual hair shedding and seasonal hair fall patterns. Here at Stylecraze, we will highlight the causes, symptoms, and ways to prevent hair loss during the winter months. What Causes The Hair Shedding? Shutterstock Seasonal hair shedding begins in summer, peaks through the fall, and lingers through the winters. The timeline runs parallel with the latter half of the hair growth cycle, so let

Aries And Aquarius Compatibility: For A Harmonious Relationship

Zodiac signs can speak a lot about the compatibility between two individuals. Be it a friendship, or a romantic relationship, and the like, the zodiac signs of the people involved will help build a better understanding of their compatibility. So, with that in mind, I am shouldering the responsibility of acquainting you with Aries And Aquarius Compatibility in this article today. So, let’s check the zodiac signs compatibility of Aries and Aquarius. Are Aries And Aquarius Compatible In Relationships? For understanding the Aries and Aquarius Compatibility, we will take the Aquarius and Aries individuals. Aries individuals are the first in the zodiac sign and belong to the fire sign. You must be well aware that they are often known as a force to reckon with. You may have noticed that they have leadership qualities and are always thirsty for knowledge and learning new things. However, the Aquarius individual is calm and easy-going. Aquarius individuals are idealists, and you will always

8 “Feminine” Things That Were Originally Created For Men

There are plenty of inventions and things that were initially created by men and for men. However, along the way and as time went by, more women started adopting them, and soon it became a womanly thing. While some products, like razors and toothbrushes, and more, are gender-neutral, others started out as being male-oriented products before being taken over by women and getting more mainstream. Men once only used things like high heels, pads, and more, and others like skirts were more gender-neutral. So we’ve done some research and now present to you a list of eight things that are considered feminine but were initially being created for men: 1. High Heels Twitter Let’s start off this list by talking about the most famous invention- high heels. High heels were worn by male soldiers, royals, and aristocrats in various parts of the globe and for various reasons. For example, Persians used to wear high heels to secure their feet to their horses’ stirrups back in the fifteenth century

7 Tips On Getting The Exact Hair Color You Want

There are three struggles of getting your hair colored. One, choosing the color that will suit you. Two, getting that exact color on your hair as an end result. Three, convincing family! (Behind every beautifully dyed hairstyle goes months of convincing!) We know coloring hair is not a cakewalk, and there are dozens of oops incidents regarding hair dying. If you want to entrust professionals with the task, there are dozens of other factors that play a crucial role in helping you get the dream hue. So to make sure your patience is not in vain, we at Stylecraze researched some foolproof tips that will guarantee the same color on your hair that you like. No more surprises (shocks) on the final results! Here we go! 1. Pick A Salon Where You Can Trust The Stylist Shutterstock Just picking a high-quality place is not enough. Just like you wouldn’t trust just anyone with a body piercing or tattoo, hair color is also a permanent change that will define your personality. There is no harm i

7 Things You May Be Doing To You Hair That Would Anger Your Hairstylist

It’s time you dropped those kitchen scissors and stepped away from the boxed dye. Sure, we all want luscious, healthy, and strong hair, but many of us are pretty guilty of taking certain matters into our own hands. If you are inexperienced with cutting your own hair, you should really just leave it alone. Hairstyling is a profession for a reason, and so it’s a good idea to leave the more significant changes to them. Sure, you can trim off your split ends every now and then but don’t try to give yourself a new hairstyle. We’ve all seen how DIY bangs on youtube can go wrong, right? However, when it comes down to caring for one’s own hair, there may be a few more mistakes one is making, besides giving themselves odd trims. So here are seven things you may be doing to your hair that you need to stop doing right now: 1. Wearing Tight Hairstyles Daily Twitter If you’re someone who prefers opting for sleek looks like pulled-back hair or a tight high ponytail (think Arianna Grande), you n

Diet To Boost Metabolism In Endomorphs

Metabolism plays a significant role in weight management. But individuals with an endomorph body type have a slow metabolic rate and may experience difficulties losing weight. They also have more body fat and tend to appear bulky (though not necessarily obese). But the right diet and exercise practices can help them live a healthy life. Here, we discuss the types of endomorphs and the right diets and exercise forms that will help boost metabolism. Keep reading. Endomorph: What It Is And Its Types People with the endomorph body type tend to gain weight fast. Their process of weight loss is also slow in comparison to others. This body type is mainly characterized by high-fat content in the chest, abdomen, and waist ( 1 ). Less muscle mass is also a feature of this body type. Individuals with the endomorph body type usually fall under two categories: Meso-endomorph : People have thick arms and legs and a boxy chest and midsection in this body type. They tend to retain water and a lay

15 Best Black Sneakers For Women In 2021

Sneakers have stood the test of time, style, and functionality! These shoes can be worn at all times and with almost all kinds of clothes. A pair of black sneakers is so versatile that they can be worn throughout the day, from work in the morning to party at night. They are a staple for women who value comfort and style equally. The perfect black sneakers will have elements that entail good design, breathable fabric, and a fit like a glove. Here, we bring you a list of the 15 best black sneakers for women, to get on with the days in style and comfort alike. Top 10 Products Check Price Best Overall: New Balance FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker Check Price Best Classic Design: ZGR Canvas Casual Sneakers Check Price Best Cushioning: PUMA Carina Sneaker Check Price Best Lightweight: Joomra Shoes Check Price Best Versatile Design: Roxy Bayshore Sneakers Check Price Best Moisture Absorbing: Reebok Princess Wide Shoes Check Price Best Breathable: Skechers Ultra F