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It’s Not Your Hair Color, It’s The Metal In Your Hair!

Are you happy with your hair color? Is it able to deliver the expected results, or do you find the color uneven and blotchy? Also, are you facing issues like dry hair, brittle hair, and breakage even after taking care of your colored hair? If yes, then maybe it’s time to take a closer look at why the results of your hair color are not turning out as expected. Well, you would be surprised to know that one of the reasons behind this is metal particles that have accumulated in your hair over time every time you wash your hair. These invisible particles in water can have many adverse effects on your hair, including breakage and tampering with hair color outputs. So what exactly are these metals, and what can you do about them? Let’s find out. Does All Water Contain Metal? Yes. Water across all cities, countries, and continents contains metals. It can be a little less or more, but it is there. Even the cleanest of water can be loaded with metal particles. Shocking yet true. This is becau
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A Travel Enthusiast’s Hair Care Story

I am living my dream as a travel blogger. And as part of that job, I spend time researching and investing in product essentials that make my journey smooth. From creating vlogs to boarding flights every month, I have had my share of beautiful cultural experiences. But I have also faced many challenges I tried to overcome by taking the right measures. One of the challenges includes protecting hair while constantly being on the go. Traveling means staying outdoors for long periods, and that, in turn, causes hair damage due to particle deposits. Besides, water quality differs from place to place, which means a quick increase in metal content. I will now tell you what I learned about metal deposits in hair, and their adverse effects, as my learning helped me improve my hair care routine while traveling. Metal In Hair And Their Damaging Effect Our hair naturally contains metal. Depending on the water quality in different places, the porosity of hair can differ. Metal particles in water s

Are You Into Metal? Not When It’s In My Hair!

What a day, huh? You were probably looking for ways to combat your everyday haircare issues when this piece caught your eye, and now there’s a chance that you have metal in your hair. Well, to be fair, it was always there, but at least you were unaware of it! Isn’t it crazy to think how easy it is to damage our hair? So, how do these metal particles sneak into our hair and make themselves comfortable enough never to leave unless thrown out? They are everywhere—styling chemicals, foils used for highlights, and even water. The water quality may differ from region to region, but no matter how clean it may appear, water always has some metal particles because it incessantly erodes the metal pipes it flows through. You may take a soothing hot shower or relax at the backwash station in a salon, and that will be enough for the metal to settle in. Besides, metal deposit depends on hair porosity—the more porous the fiber, the greater the accumulation. Before you start worrying too much, allow

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Using A Vitamin C Serum

Serums are comparatively new additions in the world of skin care products. Though there are numerous serums available both in online and offline stores, vitamin C serums have established their market for their ability to produce results quickly. Although vitamin C was once a novel component that piqued the interest of many in the skincare community, it has now become a mainstay of many skincare routines. Vitamin C’s brightening and anti-aging qualities are why it’s so often utilized in serums ( 1 ). But that’s not all it’s capable of doing. It can boost the skin’s barrier, battle damage from pollution and sun, enhance the skin’s texture, and revive a tired appearance. While vitamin C serums are generally safe and mild enough to be applied to all skin types, an improper application might alter the serum’s efficacy. Here are five common blunders people make while using vitamin C serums. Read on to know them all. 1. The Timing Shutterstock While there isn’t a hard-and-fast rule about

6 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Using Turmeric For Your Skin Care Routine

This might not be your favorite memory to recall, but remember when your first pimple popped on your face? Yes, acne has been a bane that lingered longer than your teenage years, but with the pesky spots came the grandma’s special home remedies! Even today, most people all over the world prefer using all-natural methods for maintaining healthy skin. Rather than spending significant amounts of money trying chemical-based treatments, people are turning to homemade recipes for skin care since they know the endless benefits of these natural substances. Turmeric is one of the essential ingredients in almost every homemade skincare recipe. The golden spice is also used to treat and prevent a wide range of skin problems and to make our skin look radiant. However, like every other good thing, there is a catch to it. Many people have found that misusing turmeric has led to more skin problems than they were already facing. Here in this article, we have listed some common mistakes people make wit

6 Things That Happen To Your Body If You Wear A Bra Every Day

Thankfully, undergarments are no longer a stereotypical hush-hush topic. With the surging awareness about intimate hygiene and innerwear, people are more open-mindedly addressing health problems related to these clothes. Take bras for instance; by now, you know there is no one-size-fits-all, and there are different designs and structural linings for different breast sizes and occasions. That brings us to the question, are bras just an aesthetic appeal to our clothing, or do they benefit our health in any way? Here in this article, we have listed some common health benefits of wearing bras regularly. Read on to know them all. 1. Reduced Chances Of Neck Pain Shutterstock Your breasts might not be the only cause leading up to your persistent neck pain, but it can be one of the main reasons. People with heavier breasts often complain about shoulder and neck pain, and this is a common issue with people who have larger cup sizes. While a breast reduction could be recommended by your doc

8 Hair Hacks That Are Proven To Make Your Hair Shinier

Every human dreams of having hair that is gorgeously shiny and beautiful. Naturally silky and soft hair is a pleasure to touch regardless of length, thickness, texture, or style. However, like all good things, it is rare. Banes like exposure to direct sunlight, hair dyes, bleaching creams, unwanted minerals, chlorine, and heating tools contribute to dull, dry, and damaged hair. To ensure your hair remains silky regardless of your lifestyle, we have some expert tips up our sleeve. Read on to know them all! 1. Mix Aspirin With Your Shampoo Shutterstock Dandruff is the source of dry, lifeless hair, and this unique approach is absolutely efficient in eliminating it. Salicylic acid, found in aspirin, can be used to remove excess product and dead skin cells from the scalp( 1 ). For lustrous, flake-free hair, just crush two tablets and add them to a little amount of your regular cleansing shampoo before you wash your hair. 2. Embrace Hair Oils Shutterstock You may consume it, add it