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10 Statements Desi Parents Say That Make Less Sense As We Grow Older

Sometimes parents believe they know what’s best for us, and most of the time, they are right. However, there are some things that your parents can take too far. They often forget that they were our age at some point and feel the need to give us often the wrong advice. They speak a language that is a lot more offensive than the language that we usually do. But some parents are open to understanding where they are wrong, and others are a little more stubborn. So here is a list of ten silly statements that desi parents often say:

1. “Dress Properly, Guests Are Coming Over.”


If the guests look at the people welcoming them with a dirty gaze, that is their problem. It’s absolutely ridiculous that parents would instead police and lecture their kids about their clothing than not invite creepy people over. If someone cannot control their hormones, why are they visiting a family where there are young and impressionable children.”

2. “Study Now. Save The Fun For Later.”


They say this during your tenth board, during your twelfth board, and even during your college days. So when does the fun really start? Once you finish college, you will have to start working, and adulting and that comes with a whole new set of responsibilities. So we are wondering when we have to wait for the fun to begin genuinely.

3. “Show Respect To Elders!”


Elders should show respect to us as well! If they don’t show us respect, who will we learn from? Plus, there are plenty of elders out there who are extremely rude or are actually bad. Remember that Charles Manson too is an elder, and if you expect us to respect him, that’s something else entirely.

4. “Stay Humble Always”


Saying always is a bit of a stretch. You should take credit for the work that you do and be proud of it and claim it. People will criticize you and tell you that you brag too much, but it doesn’t matter. You worked hard to get where you are, and you should feel proud to have reached that position. Of course, we’re not telling you to brag 24/7, but it’s okay to brag once in a while.

5. “Keep Matters At Home, At Home”


Well, if there is some seriously messed up stuff going on at home, why should I keep quiet about the matter? Seeking help from outside is the best way to combat many issues that you cannot talk to others about.

6. “Love Marriages Fail More Often Than Arranged Marriages”


This is absolutely rubbish. Just because you had an arranged marriage that does not mean it is suitable for someone else. Maybe you believe that your parents can find your soulmate, and there is nothing wrong with that, but saying that love marriages don’t work is absolute rubbish!

7. “Boys Will Be Boys”


No, boys will be held accountable for their actions, just like women are always held responsible for theirs. It’s so sad that so many parents out there still discriminate against their daughters compared to their sons; we need to be the generation that brings the change. Everyone is equal regardless of gender, orientation, race, or age.

8. “Stop Hanging Out With Her. She Is A Bad Influence”


Who are you to say she is a bad influence? It is so unfair for you to judge someone that I am friends with simply because you don’t believe she is a good influence. My friends are unique, and people who don’t know them better should not judge them.

9. “I Know What’s Best For You”


No, you do not. Just because you are my parent does not mean that you always know what is good for me and what’s not. I think you should give me some space and make my own decisions as an adult. Some parents feel that they know what is best for their kids when they have absolutely no idea who their kids even are.

10. “Don’t Talk To Boys, They Just Want One Thing”


Yes, and? Do you think women don’t want to get physical and don’t want affection too? It’s so stupid that parents believe that their daughters are super innocent and should stay away from men. What’s more laughable is that people think men can be generalized and shoved into one category. We don’t know who should feel more insulted.

Sometimes there is no winning when it comes to interacting with older folks and parents. Remember that they come from a different generation and don’t understand many things that you are going through. Do let us know if you can relate to any of these statements or if your parents tell you similar things in the comment section below.

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