7 Aloe Vera Based Hair Masks For A Flawless Mane

Be it hair fall or frizzy hair; aloe vera is the perfect antidote for all your hair woes. If you have a mandatory skincare routine, but your haircare lags, we have your back covered! There is no need to shell out your money on the latest hair products and treatments because all you need is some aloe vera-based hair masks! You can splurge on hundreds of products, but they still turn out to be just ‘meh’ at best when compared to the amazing results of aloe vera. After all, who wouldn’t want a flawless mane without drilling a hole in their pockets?

This member of the succulent plant family is super versatile and your hair’s new bestie! Known for having antibacterial, astringent, and inflammatory properties, aloe vera pampers your hair at its best. Now don’t wait up; let the hair sesh begin for a gorgeous mane that you deserve! So, go ahead and keep scrolling to uncover the best aloe vera-based hair masks that will comb out all your hair care concerns.

1. Aloe Vera With Fenugreek And Castor Oil



If your hair is damaged, girl, we know the struggle, and that’s why we have this hair mask for you. The goodness of fenugreek will promote hair growth, and before you know, it’ll also rebuild hair follicles to reduce hair fall. Soak up fenugreek seeds in water overnight, and the following day grind those into a fine paste. Mix it with aloe vera gel and take the mask up a notch by adding castor oil to it. You’ll be thanking your beauty Gods after using this hair mask, as it effortlessly nourishes your hair and controls hair fall too.

2. Egg And Aloe Vera



Mix one egg yolk, aloe vera gel, with 1 tbsp of garlic juice in a bowl and apply it as a hair mask. Wrap your hair in a hot water dipped towel and take steam. After 30 minutes, take a refreshing head wash, and we bet you’ll be in love with your silky-soft hair all over again! One can never undermine the goodness of egg combined with aloe vera. That’s why this should be your new favorite hair mask.

3. Yoghurt And Aloe Vera

Yoghurt And Aloe Vera


The best thing about this hair mask? It’s pretty much for every hair type and its concern. Are you fed up and tired of dealing with frizz? Or is your hair dry and damaged? Well, in any case, you can rely on this hair mask to get you the best results! Yogurt will help in deep conditioning your hair. Lactic acid will also help cleanse your scalp from dead skin cells and promote healthy hair growth. Yogurt, when mixed with aloe vera gel, makes this hair mask impeccable.

4. Hibiscus With Aloe Vera



For good hair growth and a feel-good scalp cleansing hair mask, you can always count on a hibiscus. Add two tbsp hibiscus paste with aloe vera gel and apply it to your hair. Make sure that you don’t miss out on the hair ends; those are one of your biggest enemies. So, if you’re in no mood to get your hair chopped, this mask is a great pick to get rid of the split ends. Now go ahead, try this hair mask and flip your hair to flaunt it like a real diva!

5. Honey And Banana With Aloe Vera



Believe it or not, if you search around the internet, you’ll find stories of how the banana and honey with Aloe Vera hair mask improves hair quality. The hair mask is known for being super-hydrating and a lil bit messy too. Use a ripe banana with a dash of honey and 2 tbsp aloe vera gel; now blend it into a thick paste. Apply it for 30 minutes before a head wash, and voila! It’ll help you tame your frizz, making your hair look super smooth and shiny.

6. Aloe Vera And Coconut



Everybody is familiar with the goodness of coconut. It can change the entire look of your hair, from drab to fab! You can take this hair mask up a notch by adding 2 tbsp, raw honey. This is the easiest way to fight dry hair and hair fall. The silky smooth mane will make everyone fall in love with you!

7. Apple Cider Vinegar And Aloe Vera



Last but not least, apple cider vinegar and aloe vera hair mask for you. This is your chance to own a ‘head turning and gorgeous mane. Apple cider vinegar is famous for keeping itchiness and pesky scalp infections at bay. When combined with aloe vera gel, it’ll strengthen your hair and improve its luster effortlessly.

These refreshing and revitalizing hair masks are perfect for hydrating and nourishing your scalp and hair. So, don’t wait up; go ahead and try these hair masks to make your hair the focal point of your beauty. Let us know what’s your favorite mask in the comments section.

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