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9 Tips To Protect Your Eyes From The Computer Screen Light

Thanks to the pandemic, most of us are spending more time staring at the computer screen than we did before. This, in turn, leads to many of us suffering from eye strain caused by the glare of the screens. Hence, you need to start following a couple of rules and make a few lifestyle changes if you want to avoid getting glasses or increasing your number if you already have them. These days, protecting your eyes from the glare of smartphones and computer screens is as important as ever and prevention is always better than future treatment. Certain preventative measures can help to protect your eyes from smartphones, computer screens and televisions as well. Here are nine preventative measures you can take to prevent your eyes from harsh blue light:

1. Enforce The 20/20 Rule



First of all, you need to accept that your eyes are not designed to just stare directly at computer screens all day. And no, the 20/20 rule is not something that is extremely difficult to follow. Keep a timer or a post it note on the wall next to your desk or in your cubicle. If you are looking at your computer screen, you need to look at something else that is 20 feet away from where you are sitting for about 20 seconds. Increase the intervals if you can.

2. Reduce The Screen Glare



The glare of the computer screen can cause a lot of eye strain since it stops your eyes from adjusting to the content on your computer properly. Try using an anti-glare screen that is matte as it is better for your eyes. If you are someone who wears glasses for long periods, get lenses that have an anti-reflective coating. Avoid staring at glass-covered LCDs as much as possible.

3. Make Sure That Your Room Is Well Lit With Natural Light



Of course, we are not telling you to make your room super bright and it is better to use lights that aren’t bright. Your office shouldn’t be too bright and your home shouldn’t be either. Whenever possible, you should close your curtains (or leave only one half open) and reduce usage of fluorescent lighting. You should use bulbs that have a lower voltage and also make sure that your ambient lighting is around half as bright as your average office.

4. Use A High Quality Screen



While most people do not use CTR screens any more, there are plenty of people who still have them. Some people hold on to their old computers and these screens have a lower refresh rate which creates a noticeable flicker and this in turn leads to your eyes feeling super uncomfortable. These days, most screens have a refresh rate of 75Hz and above.The higher the refresh rate of your screen, the better it is for your eyesight. When you don’t have to see pixels, your eyes won’t have to work as hard to find out what the images in front of you are.

5. Don’t Forget To Blink Often



While this may sound pretty but you would be surprised how easy it is to forget to blink. We end up becoming so focussed on the content that we simply stare at the screen and forget to blink. Every time you blink, you moisten your eyes and it helps you to refocus. You should blink often if you want to avoid dryness and strain.

6. Reduce Use Of Blue Light



Blue light has a much shorter wave-length than many other types of light and this is known to cause damage to your eyes. You can get specialist glasses or even adjust the color temperature on your screen. This is the ideal solution for long-term use.

7. Give Your Eyes A Digital Break



Make sure that you are not using digital devices during the entire day. Digital detox is not just important for mental health but also very good for your skin. While this is difficult in practice, it’s important that you at least try taking breaks once in a while.

8. Get At Least 8 Hours Of Sleep



You need to make it a point to get a good amount of sleep. Catching a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep is very important for one’s overall health. This is especially good for your eyes as it gives them a break and helps them relax. Catching up on sleep also has the added benefit of reducing the appearance of dark circles.

9. Use Green Tea Bags To Get Rid Of Puffy Under Eyes



Stop throwing away your green tea bags. No seriously! If you are suffering from swollen and puffy eyes after a long night of working at your computer screen and missing out on sleep, you can use your green-tea bags to improve the appearance of your puffy under eyes. Green tea
Don’t throw away your green tea bags! Yes, you read that right. Never throw away green tea bags are the best for shrinking blood vessels around your under-eyes which will eventually lessen your dark circles.

Keeping these tips in mind, you should take proper care of your eyes so as not to suffer from poor eyesight in the (very near) future. If you see a change in your eyesight after following all of these tips, do let us know in the comment section below.

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