The Neckline That Will Flatter You The Most According To Your Body Type

Sometimes making a tiny change can be the difference between night and day. This is especially the case when it comes to fashion. Sure, you can change the color of your hair and try a new makeup routine, but nothing works as well as experimenting with a different style. It could even be something as minor as changing the neckline of your outfits. We bet you want to find an outfit that flatters your frame in every aspect, right? Well, we’ve got a list of eleven different necklines and the different body types they flatter. Read on to find out what would work best for your frame:

1. A Square Neckline

A Square Neckline


A square neckline is a true classic and has found its way into vintage fashion. This kind of neckline was popular during the 1900s and 1800s. The square shape creates contrast and can bring out one’s curves. This neckline is best suited for those who have a larger bust size. It reveals a little bit of skin without being over the top (pun intended). Another way it can compliment your frame is by giving the impression that you have a longer neck and broader shoulders. This is perfect if you want to highlight your shoulders and collarbones.

2. A Round Neckline

A Round Neckline


Another classic neckline is the round shape which is an excellent choice if you want to draw the attention of others towards your shoulders and face. It also creates the illusion of a larger bust, so this type of neckline is perfect for those who have smaller breasts. This neckline is also ideal for slender women with long necks and thin faces.

3. A Boat Neckline

A Boat Neckline


A boat neck is another option that is both sophisticated and classic. It is perfect for women who want to add a dash of spice to their outfits. Since it is a wider neckline, it exposes more of your collarbone and shoulder. If you are someone who has narrow shoulders, then it’s a good idea for you to try this neckline. This neckline also balances out the frame of someone who has wider hips.

4. A V-Neck

A V-Neck


A V-neckline is something that would flatter every body type. It is a versatile design and works wonders for women who have a big bust as well as women with a smaller bust. A deep V-neck will flatter women who have smaller necks as it elongates their torsos.

5. A Collared Neckline

A Collared Neckline


When it comes to styles, we have to say that a collared neckline is both traditional and feminine. The look has a touch of elegance and is often favored on semi-formal and formal occasions. This look is best suited for women with a large bust as it leaves room for their bust to settle in. This will, in turn, give someone a refined and well-put-together look.

6. An Off-Shoulder Neckline

An Off-Shoulder Neckline


This popular neckline also has another nickname: It is called the “Bardot” neckline. This style of the neckline is highly feminine and very flirtatious. It’s perfect for a beautiful brunch picnic with your lover. This unique style brings out your face and your collarbone. It is ideal for women who have narrow shoulders as it elongates their torso horizontally. This style of neckline is also an excellent choice for women with a medium to small-sized bust.

7. An Asymmetrical Neckline

An Asymmetrical Neckline


This unique avant-garde style of neckline is the perfect choice to brighten up any outfit without it losing its “seriousness”. The unexpected twist of an asymmetrical neckline can really spice up any outfit. Women who have narrow shoulders and thinner arms will find that this neckline is highly flattering on them.

8. A Sweetheart Neckline

A Sweetheart Neckline


A sweetheart neckline is both seductive and romantic and suits all kinds of body types. The openness of the outfit draws attention to a woman’s chest. It can also help create volume for women who have a smaller bust. The wavy sweetheart neckline can also be used to elongate one’s silhouette. This, in turn, will make you look thinner, so it is perfect for women who want to give the impression of a slender figure.

9. A Turtleneck

A Turtleneck


A neckline that touches your chin and covers your neck is referred to as a turtleneck. It’s a great way to make your outfit look more elegant and elevate it to the next level. This outfit can be worn with trousers or with a miniskirt too. The turtleneck is a best-kept secret for women who have long necks and longer faces. If you want your neck to look shorter, you can wear a turtleneck that’s not very high. Make sure to leave a few inches of skin uncovered.

10. A Halter Neckline

A Halter Neckline


This fresh and not-so-common design adds a bit of surprise to the outfit. A halter neck is the best way to look both classy and modern at the same time. This outfit style is ideal for ladies who have broad shoulders as it directs the attention of people to the center of the neck. This gives off the impression that one has slender shoulders. Halter necks also enhance your curves and are recommended for those who have skinny waists.

11. Strapless



A strapless dress or shirt can leave a great deal of your upper body uncovered, hence drawing people’s attention directly to the area. This look is a lot more daring and casual. It is best suited for women who have long necks and pronounced collarbones. This is a great look for women who have toned and muscular arms. It will give them a balanced image. It’s best suited for women who have a smaller bust.

You should definitely try out every type of neckline there is and then decide which one suits you the most. Since every woman’s body is unique and beautiful in its own way, what neckline works for you may not work for another woman. Which of these necklines is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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