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5 Places You Should Not Apply Perfume

Who doesn’t like smelling fresh like a flower till late evenings! We love perfumes of all kinds, and to be honest, it’s the best way to cover up for not taking a shower! But as every perfume enthusiast knows, there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to wearing it on your body. For starters, the formula of your perfume might not be ideal to suit sensitive skin. We at Stylecraze made a list of places you should not spray the perfume on and some bonus facts about perfume! Read to know them.

1. Eyes



Of course, your first idea with a perfume won’t be to spray it in your eyes, but even areas near your eyes can get itchy if exposed to the ethyl present in the scents. Some even consist of up to 95% of the total volume (1). It can cause irritation if it touches the sensitive area around your eyes. If you have perfume in your hands, make sure you wash them before touching your face.

2. Hair



Your hair is a natural absorber of various scents (2). Alcohol-based perfumes dry your hair out, especially with direct sprays on your hair strands (3). It might seem like a good idea at first to spray the fragrance in your braids, but try to avoid it! Instead, spray the perfume onto your comb and brush out your hair to reduce the damage and keep it smelling sweet.

3. Wrist



You must have seen in retro movies women applying cologne on their wrists. Admit it, we have all wanted to try that! While using perfume on your wrist is the way to smell heavenly, alcohol can make your skin dry and cause the skin to crack if the droplets get on your palms during the course (4). There is also a potential danger of touching food with that hand, so the perfume may end up in your stomach. Therefore, no matter how tempted you are to rub the perfume on your wrist, don’t do it!

4. Armpits



Though a common place to apply perfume, your armpits are sensitive and need to be protected from unwanted chemicals. The interaction between the elements of the perfume and the sweat glands could result in irritation and burning (5). You can spray it on your dress instead and wait for it to dry out before wearing the dress.

5. Genitals



Similarly, applying perfume near private areas can also result in skin irritation. Scent can aggravate the sensitive skin and cause redness and inflammation. If you are conscious about how you smell down there, you can also use scented soap.

Some Facts About Wearing Perfume You Should Know:

Some Facts About Wearing Perfume You Should Know


Now that you know how to use perfume responsibly, here are some facts about perfumes that will interest you:

  • Perfume Is Always Applied On Pulse Points
Perfume Is Always Applied On Pulse Points


The specific places where perfume is usually applied are the pulse points. These include your neck, wrist, and even back of your knees. These points radiate heat and mix with the air, keeping you smelling fresh.

  • Applying Cream Makes The Scent Last Longer
Applying Cream Makes The Scent Last Longer


Using cream holds the fragrance to your skin longer. Another option is to apply the perfume right after your shower, so the moisture helps retain the aroma for long.

  • You Can’t Smell Your Own Perfume After Sometime
You Can't Smell Your Own Perfume After Sometime


After spraying perfume, your brain stops noticing it because it becomes a familiar scent. Once your brain realizes it is not dangerous for your body, it will go oblivious even though others will be able to smell it.

  • The Same Perfume Can Smell Different
The Same Perfume Can Smell Different


Perfume mixes with a person’s unique body scent. The final product is a combination of the perfume ingredients and the body odor. So if you and your friend get the same perfume, a third person will be able to smell two different scents on both of you.

  • Sniffing Different Perfumes Overwhelms Your Senses
Sniffing Different Perfumes Overwhelms Your Senses


While testing perfumes, avoid smelling more than two scents at a time. Smelling too much perfume will overload your brain and make it more challenging to select one particular scent.

  • Do Not Sniff Coffee Beans In Between Perfumes
Do Not Sniff Coffee Beans In Between Perfumes


Perfume stores often keep small pots of coffee beans to help you distinguish between the smells. However, the smell of coffee beans will only just confuse your brain further. Instead, you can try sniffing something familiar to help your brain reset the scent.

  • Store It In The Dark
Store It In The Dark


Heat, humidity, and light cause the ingredients in the perfume to break down, so if you thought the bathroom was the ideal place to store it, it’s a no. The perfect place would be to lock it up in a closed box. The door of your fridge or the drawer on your dressing table are other places where you can try to preserve the scent.

However, you should know that companies often rely on synthetic fragrances to make the scent last longer due to mass production. It might include using chemicals that are not healthy if used over a long period. Always check the ingredients and ask for a natural perfume. The next time you go shopping for perfumes, these facts will help you. Did you know these facts before? Do share your experience with us in the comments section!

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