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Everything You Need To Know About Soul Ties

It’s hard to feel that we are all connected with people becoming more and more individualistic. However, we have the power to affect each other in ways we can never imagine. For instance, the most profound moments in your life had nothing to do with what you did or said yourself. Instead, they were moments when someone else ‘got’ something from inside you and delivered it back so perfectly that it enhanced your life in the process. These connections between people are called soul ties, and they exist whether we acknowledge them or not.

Soul ties can be a powerful way to connect with others, but they can quickly get out of control without boundaries. This article will tap into a few unexplored areas, such as how soul ties work and why recognizing them is essential for our spiritual growth and mental health. Scroll down for more information.

What Is A Soul Tie?

What Is A Soul Tie?


A soul tie is a connection between souls formed through shared experiences, emotions, or actions. Soul ties create an energetic connection between people, places, or things that can affect them even if they are unaware of the tie. They are unique because they affect not only your soul and mind but also how you see the world.

Once you experience a soul tie, you know the connection is authentic, which is why they are also called ties of the heart or soul bonds. Soul ties can begin with any level of emotional intensity, ranging from feelings of lust and pain to anger and hatred. All that matters is whether you are actively involved in the energy that is feeding the tie.

Soul ties are not necessarily good or bad. If you are experiencing soul ties, that doesn’t mean you should run for the hills, or your life will be full of drama. There are various types of soul ties that affect people in different ways. Here are the kinds of soul ties you can have.

Types Of Soul Ties

Types Of Soul Ties


  • Bonding Soul Tie: This soul tie can begin with intense feelings of lust to pain, anger, or hatred. A bonding soul tie is typically between people who are meeting and can be broken by talking about the connection in detail to each other.
  • Protective Soul Tie: This occurs when someone in an intense moment in their life is rescued by someone else. The bond is stronger than a bonding tie and may require more time to heal if broken.
  • Binding Soul Tie: This soul bond happens when someone provides the other person energy to keep going with life and its troubles. These types of ties will not break or fade no matter how far apart they are from each other. The connections of a soulmate are thought to be binding soul ties.
  • Permanent Soul Tie: Such ties occur when two souls merge, often without the agreement of each other. However, they are aware of it and do it on a more conscious level.
  • Sexual Soul Ties: Sexual soul ties form when we become physically involved with someone. They create not only physical connections but also energetic ones that are difficult to forget. While it is not always the case, sex makes a connection on all levels of your being. Your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies get activated during sexual union.

It is often difficult to understand the difference between a soul tie and a soulmate, but some key differences can help you identify one from the other.

Soul Tie Vs. Soulmate

Soul Tie Vs. Soulmate


A soulmate connection is based on mutuality. You both have to desire the soulmate connection for it to work. On the contrary, a soul tie is not based on mutuality. You don’t have to want the soul tie for it to happen, and you can even be unconscious of it happening.

A soulmate connection makes for a great, long-lasting relationship, but a soul tie can make for a very intense one. With a soulmate, you have to work to keep the connection going. However, you don’t have to put additional effort to make the relationship work with a soul tie.

A soul tie may not be a bad thing, but it can get unhealthy in certain instances. Here are a few instances of what a soul tie looks like when it has gone south.

10 Signs Of An Unhealthy Soul Tie

10 Signs Of An Unhealthy Soul Tie


  • You are unable to break away from thinking about the person.
  • You feel used when you are around them, even though it is not always apparent.
  • You can’t be yourself or express your true feelings, even if they are your good friend.
  • You have a desire to stay in the relationship, even if it doesn’t serve you.
  • The connection brings up negative feelings between you and your partner, such as anger or jealousy.
  • You find yourself thinking about them constantly and more focused on making things work out rather than realizing whether it is healthy for you.
  • You begin to fantasize about the person or relationship, even if they are not someone you would be generally attracted to.
  • You start losing yourself or feeling lost in the relationship. You may also start neglecting your friends or personal interests for this person.
  • You are going against your values or desires when you are around them.
  • You often feel like you are never enough for them.

An unhealthy soul tie indicates something is wrong from an energy standpoint. The easiest way to fix this is through positive affirmations or discussing the experience with someone who can help. However, if your soul tie partner brings up negative emotions, you may need to give a second thought and break all ties with them. It might be draining to have someone else’s needs and desires feeding into your own and creating an imbalance. Here are a few ideas on how you can break the tie and restore your soul.

How To Break Soul Ties

  • Practice meditation to understand your emotions and what is happening inside you at mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional levels.
  • Practice active detachment without reacting or responding to your emotions. When intense energy overwhelms you, let the feeling be there without saying “I am angry” or whatever you might be going through. Just let the emotion come up and go away like a wave.
  • Become aware of what your partner is doing and how it is affecting you. Affirm that you will detach from them and practice not allowing yourself to feel their energy.
  • Speak with an experienced spiritual counselor to help release any soul tie energies, especially someone trained in soul clearing and has experience with soul ties. This can help if you are struggling to release the energy on your own.

If none of the tips mentioned above work, try to meditate on, “I now sever all ties with this person.” You should also work on being your own best friend and confidant. It can be easy to get into the habit of looking for love outside yourself, but that isn’t always healthy or sustainable. You are always available inside yourself, so it is essential to know how to access that source of love.

The Takeaway

Soul ties bind two people with a deep connection embedded into the soul. From positive or negative to one that lasts for a lifetime, different types of soul ties can affect your life. You may not be aware of them, but they are there. However, you should identify the unhealthy connections and let go of them. Try to understand what triggers their manifestation in your life and finally break free from those limiting energies with the right actions.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

Do soul ties affect men?

Yes. Soul ties may affect men more than women because of certain gender-related aspects of a woman’s sexuality. If a man has had multiple sexual partners, he may develop an attachment to a specific individual because of the shared experiences. This attachment can come in various forms, such as physical attraction, emotional connection, or spiritual intimacy.

Can soul ties be one-sided?

Yes, soul ties can be one-sided without the other person doing anything at all.

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