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Feeling Alone In A Relationship — Here’s Why — And What Can You Do

Feeling alone in a relationship is the most depressing feeling ever. Nobody wants to feel “single” or lonely when they are committed to someone who should make them feel included, appreciated, and unconditionally loved. If you feel detached from your partner, you’ll begin questioning yourself. And it would be good to know that you are not alone.

Many complain of a similar feeling of loneliness — like they aren’t a part of the same team despite being in a relationship. When things are good, everything seems heavenly. However, when times are rough, the exact relationship makes you feel disregarded and dishonored. Relatable? If yes, then read on.

Feeling alone in a relationship can have a crippling effect on your mind. If you are in the same boat, feeling a sense of void and loneliness in your relationship, you are worried for the most obvious reasons. Yes, your attachment style can influence your feeling of loneliness, but relational factors have a role to play. To help you, here we are to discuss what causes it, what it feels like, and what you can do to come closer and resolve the differences with your lover to feel seen, heard, and showered with affection.

What Are The Signs Of Loneliness In A Relationship?

What Are The Signs Of Loneliness In A Relationship


Feeling left out or alone is a real struggle that can manifest in different ways for different people. Here are the most common ways you could feel cut off from your partner in your relationship (1):

  • Your partner disregards your options.
  • You are seldom cared for.
  • A sense of belongingness and connection is missing.
  • Speaking to your partner triggers your anxiety.
  • You feel demotivated to share important news with your partner, good or bad.
  • You feel unsure about the future of your relationship.
  • You are the only one making an effort.
  • You and your partner make plans without involving each other.
  • You feel hopeless and disinterested in your partner.
  • You are perpetually sad and hurt.

What Makes You Feel Alone In A Relationship?

What Makes You Feel Alone In A Relationship


There could be many reasons why people feel lonely in their partnerships. Here are some common ones that you should know of:

  • Lack Of Good Communication
Lack Of Good Communication


Communication is the bedrock of a relationship. Poor communication can fizzle intimacy, making you feel a loss of involvement and connection in the relationship. When you struggle to communicate with respect and tolerance, it leads to a sense of separation.

  • You Are Romantically Incompatible
You Are Romantically Incompatible


There is a general lack of compatibility between the partners. While the relationship could have begun on a great note, eventually, the attraction faded. It left you with feelings of resentment and unhappiness once you got closer and began discovering each other’s personalities better. There was nothing concrete to hold you together.

  • You Are In A Long-Distance Relationship
You Are In A Long-Distance Relationship


A long-distance relationship can have negative consequences. It is indeed a good test of your bond. Still, the total loss of physical presence and the exchange of physical affection and intimacy has resulted in feelings of being lonely or invisible.

  • You Are In An Abusive Relationship
You Are In An Abusive Relationship


There is a general lack of respect, understanding, and commitment in your relationship. Your partner does not feel the same amount of love and affection as you. They are selfish and pay no attention to your needs. It’s all about them, and you are left alone feeling depressed. You feel hurt and betrayed. The bitterness has stifled all your efforts to reconcile with your partner. Plus, the fear of abuse has caused you to maintain a distance from your partner.

  • Either Or Both Of You Has An Emotional Or Physical Issue
Either Or Both Of You Has An Emotional Or Physical Issue


Either your partner or you are suffering from a medical condition. It could be a mental issue like depression, bipolar disorder, or chronic physical ailments that have bred hopelessness and a general loss of interest in self or the relationship.

  • You Have Different Expectations From Life
You Have Different Expectations From Life


When you don’t share the same wavelength with your partner, you could feel left out. There is a feeling of confusion and frustration because you can’t seem to get on the same page about your goals in life. If your journeys are different, it is apparent that you could feel disconnected.

How Can You Feel Less Lonely In Your Relationship?

How Can You Feel Less Lonely In Your Relationship


If you feel lonely in your relationship, here are a few ways in which you can improve your bond and get closer to each other:

  • Tell Your Partner How You Feel
Tell Your Partner How You Feel


Let your partner know that their behavior has caused you much resentment and pain. Quite possibly, they aren’t aware that their actions are directly or indirectly making you feel lonely.

  • Meet Your Friends And Family
Meet Your Friends And Family


If your partner is caught up in work or is physically away from you, you could instead make an effort to meet your family and friends, who are your support system. When you know you have people to lean on, you’ll feel secure and less unhappy.

  • Get Busy With Your Life
Get Busy With Your Life


If you are alone, it may be inviting negative conversations in your head. It’s good to stay occupied by volunteering for a cause, signing up for a hobby class like painting, dancing, gardening, gymming, playing a sport, or learning a new skill at work.

  • Make Time For Each Other
Make Time For Each Other


Working together to mend the broken cords in the relationship can be done in so many ways. Take a day off, plan a date, schedule some exclusive quality time to get intimate, enroll in a class, or watch a fun or romantic movie together.

  • Talk To A Relationship Therapist
Talk To A Relationship Therapist


Relationships need work, and if you are struggling and you and your partner are willing to make it work, it would be a good idea to seek help. They could enlighten you with a whole new perspective and suggest practical ways to feel closer and enliven the connection in your partnership.

While being alone gives you enough time to self-reflect and focus on things without distractions, it is a downer when in a relationship. It’s a telltale sign that your relationship needs work. It’s painful and cruel to feel alone with a partner you have so much love for. Did you ever feel the same way in your relationship? How did you work on the feeling of loneliness in your relationship? Let us know in the comments below!

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