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How To Get Eyelash Glue Off

False eyelashes are, of course, an excellent way to make your eyes appear bigger and more defined. But they also have some downsides. False lashes with eyelash glue can end up looking clumpy or stick awkwardly to your skin. Moreover, once you take them off, they are often tough to clean up.

A common mistake with eyelash glue is applying too much of it. This makes the lashes look clumpy and fake. You have probably been there, trying hard not to pick or scratch at it. However, taking away the dried glue without knowing the proper method can cause cuts and scars on the eyelid. Here’s how you can handle it, instead, to avoid complications. Check out our post to understand how to get eyelash glue off within minutes.

12 Best Ways To Remove Eyelash Glue

Remove Eyelash Glue


Not all these methods are ideal for everyone, so try them out once before practicing regularly. How you get your eyelash glue off depends on whether the glue is stuck to your skin or lashes. Let’s take a look at the easy and simple methods to remove eyelash glue.

1. Baby Oil

Baby oil is an excellent option to remove eyelash glue as it will not hurt or damage your skin.


  • Dab a cotton ball with some baby oil.
  • Wipe the area around your eyes where the glue was applied.
  • Rub the swab gently along your lashes and the lash band.
  • Allow the oil to sit for two to three minutes on the eyelid. However, make sure you do not use excess oil, or it will just transfer the glue from your eyes to the cotton ball.
  • Pull the eyelashes off from the outer corner.
  • Reapply some baby oil with your fingers along your lashes to remove any residue glue.
  • Wipe away the excess oil from your eyelids and skin and wash your face.

2. Olive Oil

Olive oil has several benefits, and using it on your eyelids to remove glue is one of them.


  • Put a few drops of olive oil on a cotton swab.
  • Dab the product onto your eyelid, especially along the lash line.
  • Grab the false lash extension by the outer corner and peel the strip away from your natural lash.
  • Wipe off any excess oil and wash the area with cool water.

3. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a great choice for removing eyelash glue quickly and easily. It is also easily available at any grocery store.

  • Soak the tip of a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol.
  • Rub it onto your eyelashes until the glue comes off.
  • Wash the area with cool water.

4. Eyelash Glue Remover

Eyelash glue removers are exactly what they sound like – products that help you get rid of eyelash glue. They are affordable and found at any drugstore.


  • Dab a cotton ball with glue remover.
  • Gently press the cotton on your eyelashes and lash line. Let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Grip the false lashes with your fingers and gently peel them away from the brow.
  • Dip another cotton ball in eyelash glue remover and rub it along your eyelid to loosen any remaining glue.
  • Use a makeup wipe to remove the excess product and clean your skin.

5. Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish removers effectively remove eyelash glue, and they work almost as quickly as the rubbing alcohol method.


  • Soak a cotton swab in nail polish remover.
  • Apply it gently and carefully to your lashes. Do not put it directly on your skin to avoid irritation and sensitivity.
  • Peel away the glue and false eyelashes without rubbing.
  • Rinse your eyes immediately with normal water.

6. Hairspray

You can soften the eyelash adhesive with a hairspray. However, be careful not to overuse the product as it may sting your eyes or cause irritation.


  • Get a cotton swab wet with some hairspray.
  • Hold the swab on your lashes for 20-30 seconds.
  • Wait until the glue loosens and comes off on the cotton swab.

7. Eye Makeup Remover Wipes

Rubbing your eyelashes with good makeup remover wipes for several minutes can help bring down all traces of glue. However, remember to go soft and use as little pressure as possible.

8. Apply Eye Cream Or An Oil-Based Moisturizer

The application of eye cream or an oil-based moisturizer on the targeted area can help loosen the adhesive. Pull on your eyelids or lash line gently while rubbing the moisturizer on the glue. This will provide more slack and make it easier to dissolve the glue. Rinse your eye area with water to get rid of any leftover glue on your lashes.

9. Oil-Based Makeup Remover

Oil-based makeup removers are ideal for dissolving glue from false eyelashes. Pour some oil-based remover on a cotton swab or pad and gently rub on the glue until it peels off.

10. Eye Drops

Removing false eyelashes can get frustrating, but eye drops can make the process simple and hassle-free. Apply eye drops on the lashes and massage until the glue comes off. Rinse your eyes with cold water.

11. Steam Your Face

Steam can melt the glue and loosen it. Wet a clean wash towel with hot water and place it on your eyelids. The steam will help soften your lashes. Gently wipe away the glue without pulling your natural lashes.

12. Manual Removal

If everything else fails, just let the glue dry and peel it off yourself. This method is great when your glue accidentally gets on your undereye area.

  • Allow the lash glue to dry and harden completely. If it has gotten on your undereye area, make sure it has dried completely before peeling.
  • Soak a cotton ball or Q-tip in baby oil or coconut or olive oil and gently apply to the dried glue until it starts coming off.
  • Wash your face with soap and water.
  • Follow up with a lightweight moisturizer.

Summing It Up

Eyelash glue helps you apply false lashes and is made of various chemicals and solvents. While you may think eyelash glue is safe on the skin and can stay there for a while, the truth is it can cause damage and lead to rashes, inflammation, scabbing, or infections if left for too long. Therefore, it is essential to know the right way to get eyelash glue off safely without any skin damage.

Some methods mentioned above may seem counterintuitive because they involve the use of other chemicals. However, you must remember that these substances are less harmful for your eyes than the glue itself. So, follow the steps with precautions and get rid of your stubborn eyelash glue with care and patience.

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