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10 Common Red Flags In A Relationship That You Need To Watch Out For

It is easy to believe that life is a fairy tale when you are a child. The more you grow, the more you are influenced by romantic books and movies that promote the notion of “happily ever after.” While most headstrong teens are focused on finding the perfect match, the reality is that it is not subjected to teenagers and adolescents alone. Sadly, the world is full of people who are fanatically looking for their better half who will magically take all their miseries away. Unfortunately, while choosing someone made for you, we often are stuck with real-life Dementors who make you unhappy. True, love is blind, and it can curb your ability to spot obvious red flags your partner exhibits which you only notice after the spark in the relationship fades. Here are some common signs that you are stuck in a not-so-happy relationship and need to get yourself together immediately: 1. Communication Gap Shutterstock Does it take you a while to open up to your spouse or discuss sensitive topics?

9 Flight Secrets That Surprise Even The Most Regular Passengers

Most of us choose airplanes as the ideal mode of transportation. They are quicker, easier, and cleaner (as majority of us assume). While everything seems organized and perfect on the surface, there is much that goes on behind the scenes that even the most seasoned passengers are unaware of! While things differ from airline to airline, much of the experience remains the same. Knowing more about air travel will help you decide what to expect and how to approach traveling in an airplane. Here are some lesser-known things about air travel that you must know: 1. Asking For Extra Food Is Not Anything To Be Embarrassed About Shutterstock Considering that airline food has a limited shelf life, all extra food containers are immediately disposed of. There is no shame in asking for an additional dish as long as your stomach can handle it. However, domestic airlines charge you for the food you order, and they are more expensive than usual. In addition, the flight attendants will require the

10 Fashion Secrets You Can Use If You Have Thick Arms

We are in love with body positivity. It has made people more confident about themselves, and there are sassy people in all shapes and sizes. However, if we are being completely honest, it’s ok to admit that there are particular parts of your body you wish you could alter. While some of these would need a healthy diet or a spot-reducing exercise, there are other ways to conceal them if you are left with no time. For example, thick arms; they can come in your way when you are dressing up in off-shoulder, halter neck, or sleeveless clothes. So, if you have been concealing your arms in full sleeves, thinking there is no other way, this article is dedicated to you. Read on to know all the tricks you can inculcate in your dressing style that will divert the attention from your arms and make you look absolutely gorgeous. 1. Use V-Necklines And Short Sleeves To Show Off Your Shoulders Twitter The V-neck line is always a show stopper! We’ve had a lot of success with this shape. It can be w

9 Hair Secrets Indian And Middle Eastern Women Swear By, Number 6 Will Shock You!

Having beautiful hair instantly makes you more attractive, and this is something Indian and  Middle Eastern women are familiar with. Their gorgeous complexion and bright eyes are crowned by thick, lush hair cascading down their backs. While a good diet and hair care regime can help achieve gorgeous hair, knowing what ingredients to use will induce faster and healthier growth. Here are some hair care secrets followed by Indian and Middle Eastern women through centuries that have helped them flaunt good hair in every era. Read on to know them all. 1. Castor Oil Shutterstock There is a good probability that you’ve heard of or tried castor oil if you’re from an Indian family. Faster hair growth has been linked to the use of castor oil in numerous studies. This is because it contains ricinoleic acid (a human body requirement for vital amino acids) which has several health advantages ( 1 ). So if you’re usually having a hard time growing your hair out, castor oil is the answer. However

10 Hair Secrets We Learnt From The Royal Family Stylists

It’s safe to say, hairdressing runs in the family of the Galvins! For instance, the father of Daniel Galvin Jr, Daniel Galvin, was the personal stylist of Princess Diana. Daniel Galvin is now the fourth generation coiffure to the British Royal family. He owns a salon and is an advocate for his organic hair care line. His work and expertise can be seen through the gorgeous hairstyles Princess Kate Middleton and Meghan always sport. He has spilled the beans and let out some secrets of styling hair flawlessly without adding chemicals or heating tools. Read on to know them all. 1. Detox Your Hair Twitter It is not just your skin and body that needs detoxification, your hair needs it too. Your hair will be washed clean of impurities and excess oils by using a purifying shampoo. You can also make it yourself with Vitamin C powder and baking soda. This clears the buildup and helps the hair stay puffy days after your hair wash. 2. Don’t Over Style Your Hair Twitter One of the forever