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10 Secret Tricks That Help Celebrities Look Flawless On The Red Carpet

Celebrities worldwide appear to have the perfect skin and hair as they pose on the red carpet. However, by now, you know that following a good skin and hair care routine alone won’t do the trick to making you look perfect. So, to let the cat out of the bag, here in this article, we have collected some celebrity secrets to nailing all red carpet events like a pro. Read on to know them all. 1. Tooth Brushes To Keep The Flyaway In Check Twitter On the red carpet, A-listers always have a smooth and flawless hairdo that leaves no stray hairs visible. This is all thanks to a toothbrush doused in hairspray to ensure that even the wildest of fringes remain put. This will prevent the rest of your baby hair from being disrupted and will keep your hair intact even if you decide to leave it open. 2. They Use Adhesive Bra Patches To Alleviate Foot Discomfort Twitter To make your footwear feel cozier, you can utilize bust patches to cushion your feet instead of inserts, which may be too bu

13 Lipstick Tricks To Will Help You Achieve The Perfect Lip Color

Lipsticks hold a very special place among all the makeup products we own. You can never have too many of them, and each lip color will help unleash a different personality. For example, you might like a subtle shade of pink like roasted almond for your everyday look, but when you party on the weekends, you need to try something unconventional like pink peonies or black cherry! There is no saying how much a simple slide of lip color can contribute to your makeup look. If you want to know how to ace the perfect lip color, we are here to help. Here are some expert tips to make your lipstick long-lasting, smudge-proof, and perfectly drawn. Read on to know them all! 1. Keep Your Expectations In Check Shutterstock We are often guilty of lining our lips to make them appear more prominent, but doing so incorrectly can give the pouts a “clown” appearance. We advise keeping your lip line as they are and accentuating your best features with the help of texture and color. 2. Don’t Overdo It

9 Beauty Treatments That You Should Not Do Too Often

Are you familiar with the phrase – too much of good stuff is bad stuff? Well, like everything else, it also applies to your skin care routine. Unfortunately, most of us are over enthusiastic about skin care sometimes, while being too lazy to even remove makeup other times. Either way, you are destroying your skin more than you know. While every book, article and blog you read will suggest that you follow a healthy skincare routine, overdoing these beauty treatments can give way to rashes and skin pigments. Here in this article, we have discussed some of the most common treatments that are well advertised but should not be done frequently. Read on to know them all. 1. Hair Treatments Shutterstock A keratin hair treatment is a staple for most of us since it helps us achieve the silky, smooth, and shining locks we dream of. It’s great for particular occasions, but there are certain drawbacks to making it a habit. Formaldehyde, a chemical in these therapies, has been linked to adverse

10 Former Miss Indias And Their Life After Winning The Crown

Twitter /  Twitter Ok, be honest when you answer this. Have you ever practiced your Miss India award-winning speech while in the shower? Well, if you have, you are not alone (and the secret stays between us)! The shampoo bottle/award has been in your hands while you imagined yourself getting crowned as Miss India. Even if your real profession is far from modeling and participating in pageants, what’s the harm in imagining good stuff, right? Did you ever wonder what you would do after you were crowned the title of Miss India? Of course, most of us want to live that moment forever, but there is obviously more to it than just that. Here are some of the most famous former Miss Indias and what they did with their career after winning the prestigious title. Read on! 1. Reita Faria Twitter Year – 1966 Reita Faria was the first Asian woman to win the title of Miss World and Miss India in 1966. She had a lot of offers for films on her hands, but she gave up her modeling and acting caree

5 B-Town Actresses And How Many Digits They Got On Their First Pay Cheque

Do you remember the day when your first pay cheque arrived? It was probably the best day of your life and the proudest moment when you could finally reap the fruits of your toil. However, it is not just you and me who will forever remember the day; even the most prominent celebrities celebrate their first salaries. One would think that celebs are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and already have producers and directors waiting for them to sign work with. However, not all stars were born in the present era of nepotism, and some had to climb every step of the ladder of success. So all the luxuries that they now have are well deserved. Here in this article, we have made a list of some world-famous actresses who are worth crores but started with a salary you would hardly believe. Read on to know them all. 1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Twitter Aishwarya Rai Bachchan needs no introduction. Her name is etched in our hearts, and she is a global sensation. From winning Miss World in 199

Lifestyle Changes To Boost Hair Volume And Growth Naturally

Ok, we get it, everyone has a hectic schedule, and our hair faces the wrath of pollution, hard water, and chemicals. But that is no excuse to ditch a healthy hair care routine yet. We understand that regular spa or everyday pampering is not feasible, and the good news is that your hair doesn’t need that either. Instead, healthy hair growth can be boosted by a nutritious diet, proper cleansing, and hydration. Here are some of the lifestyle changes that will make sure you have healthy hair growth. Read on to know them all. Hair-Boosting Superfoods Shutterstock Healthy hair doesn’t mean long hair, but if you are thinking of ways to make your hair grow faster, we have just what you need. Since hair doesn’t grow in a day, it’s best to go slow while trying to grow it. Changing our dietary habits is essential to promoting hair development and increasing hair volume. It will not happen overnight, but these foods mentioned below can help you grow long hair faster. 1. Amla Shutterstock