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10 Things That Happen When You Sit Down All Day

Did you know that most of us spend over 6 hours of a day sitting on a chair? Well, that’s the modern-day lifestyle! And even when we are thankful to be seated in an AC room on a relaxed chair, it is not really a blessing if you consider the dangers it brings with itself. Sitting idle for the longer half of your day has many short- and long-term impacts on our health, and some are even irreversible. Read on to know all the harmful effects of sitting idle for long hours and how it impacts your life. 1. Weight Gain Shutterstock Well, you might have guessed this one. The more you sit inactively, the more you gain weight; the more weight you gain, the less energy you have to move about. So it’s a vicious cycle. When you exercise, your muscles secrete substances like lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that aids in the digestion of fats and carbohydrates ( 1 ). On the contrary, these chemicals are less likely to be released when people spend most of their waking hours sitting. So your chances

8 Female Products Have Transformed Miraculously Over Time

Each thing we possess has undergone years of modulation and improvement, and it’s safe to say that we are enjoying the product of all the efforts put into the transformation. Take clothing, for example; even though we take refuge in bodysuits to conceal the unwanted flab under a bodycon dress, they are way more comfortable than the corsets worn a century ago. Here are some of the standard products women use daily and how they looked a century ago. Read on to know them all! 1. Disposable Pads Shutterstock Disposable pads have come a long way from their humble beginnings when they mainly were a cotton rectangular cloth with an absorbent lining. The front and rear ends were made longer so they could be threaded through loops on a specialized girdle and belt worn under clothing. There were many forward and backward slippages on the pads, which was really inconvenient. Thankfully we now have multiple options like tampons and menstrual cups to keep it leakproof and odor free. 2. Bra

9 Extraordinary Things About Your Body That You Never Knew

If you feel you know your body, you need to think again! Scientists worldwide have tried to decipher human body mechanisms for hundreds of years, but even now, there is much left to know. The more we decode, the more we are astonished by how nature molded us as a perfect super being able to process complex thoughts and bodily functions. Here in this article, we have shared some astonishing facts about our bodies that will surely startle you. Read on to know them all! 1. The Tiny Slits Of The Eyelids Serve A Crucial Purpose via GIPHY Puncta are the tiny apertures found along the inner eyelid margins. Tears are drained from the eye through these slits. Blinking causes the puncta to drain part of the tear fluid from the eye. Overflowing tears occur when the puncta becomes clogged ( 1 ). 2. You May Detect Danger With The Help Of Your Tongue’s Papillae via GIPHY Papillae are the mushroom-shaped bumps that pop up all over your tongue between two hundred and four hundred teeth spannin

9 Popular Bollywood Celebs Who Started Their Career As Background Dancers

Becoming a Bollywood star is a dream come true. It shows how hard work and honing your talents ultimately get you where you want to be. While recently, the word nepotism got attached to Bollywood, some popular actors have shared their stories about their actual struggles that restored our faith in the industry. While we know some lucky kids start their careers by signing in promising movies, here are some famous actors who began their careers by being backdrop dancers. Read on to know them all. 1. Deepika Padukone Twitter We know how difficult it is for you to swallow this fact, but it’s true! Before Deepika became a Bollywood superstar, she enjoyed a thriving career as a runway model. She featured in a Kingfisher calendar as well. But, in early 2006, composer and singer Himesh Reshammiya launched his debut song Aap Kaa Surroor  and cast Deepika as the lead performer in his music video, Naam Hai Tera . Since then, her doors for Bollywood have remained open, and she never had to lo

10 Everyday Things That You Might Be Doing Wrong

Just because we do things every day does not necessarily mean we are doing them right. Most of our regular habits are taught by our parents, and they have been taught by their parents, so most of them are not backed by scientific reasoning. Having been so used to them, we may not give these routine actions a second thought. As a result, common things such as using public restrooms or storing perishables in the refrigerator could be done wrong. Here in this article, we have discussed some simple things that aren’t done correctly by most of us due to improper habits. Read on to know them all. 1. Putting Paper Towels On Public Restroom Stall Seats via GIPHY Many of us try to avoid public washrooms as much as possible, but staying away from home for long hours makes it impossible to not use them. So the safest option is to lay tissue paper on the toilet seat before sitting on it. However, germs on the toilet can still spread even after using toilet paper. Its ability to soak water make

10 Secret Tricks That Help Celebrities Look Flawless On The Red Carpet

Celebrities worldwide appear to have the perfect skin and hair as they pose on the red carpet. However, by now, you know that following a good skin and hair care routine alone won’t do the trick to making you look perfect. So, to let the cat out of the bag, here in this article, we have collected some celebrity secrets to nailing all red carpet events like a pro. Read on to know them all. 1. Tooth Brushes To Keep The Flyaway In Check Twitter On the red carpet, A-listers always have a smooth and flawless hairdo that leaves no stray hairs visible. This is all thanks to a toothbrush doused in hairspray to ensure that even the wildest of fringes remain put. This will prevent the rest of your baby hair from being disrupted and will keep your hair intact even if you decide to leave it open. 2. They Use Adhesive Bra Patches To Alleviate Foot Discomfort Twitter To make your footwear feel cozier, you can utilize bust patches to cushion your feet instead of inserts, which may be too bu

13 Lipstick Tricks To Will Help You Achieve The Perfect Lip Color

Lipsticks hold a very special place among all the makeup products we own. You can never have too many of them, and each lip color will help unleash a different personality. For example, you might like a subtle shade of pink like roasted almond for your everyday look, but when you party on the weekends, you need to try something unconventional like pink peonies or black cherry! There is no saying how much a simple slide of lip color can contribute to your makeup look. If you want to know how to ace the perfect lip color, we are here to help. Here are some expert tips to make your lipstick long-lasting, smudge-proof, and perfectly drawn. Read on to know them all! 1. Keep Your Expectations In Check Shutterstock We are often guilty of lining our lips to make them appear more prominent, but doing so incorrectly can give the pouts a “clown” appearance. We advise keeping your lip line as they are and accentuating your best features with the help of texture and color. 2. Don’t Overdo It