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8 Romantic Movies From South India That We Couldn’t Help But Fall In Love With

It’s almost impossible to loathe a film that so beautifully captures what it is like to be in love. Romance is a genre that has constantly dominated the big screen. Of course, the plots have changed with time, but the writers and directors have persisted on these heartwarming stories. South Indian movies have recently greatly aided in rediscovering this genre. In fact, Bollywood, which is famous for its romantic dramas, has tough competition with these films from the South emerging as fan favorites. To help you restore your trust in this genre, we have chosen a few films for you to binge watch. Read on to add them to your must-watch list! 1. Sita Ramam Twitter Sita Ramam is a beautifully written love story. It starts with Lieutenant Ram, the orphan Indian army man deployed at the Kashmir borders in 1964. He begins receiving love messages from Sita Mahalakshmi anonymously. Then he sets out on a mission to find Sita and confess his love for her. How romantic could it get? 2. Sillu

12 Beauty Secrets That Help Kate Middleton Look Flawless Every Day

Kate Middleton has maintained her position as Britain’s fashion icon for several years. Anything the Princess of Wales wears becomes a trend in an instant. This phenomenon has also acquired a name — the Kate effect! Even within the strict confines of royal protocol, she has found fashion accessories that elevated even the most mundane dress codes. Here in this article, we have spilled some of the fashion secrets that help her look flawless daily. Read on to know them all. 1. She Uses Patterns Carefully Source: Twitter Kate frequently favors monochromatic attire. Even when she does wear patterns, it’s typically a traditional print like stripes, polka dots, or flowers. With neutral accessories, she softens her bright outfits. 2. She Uses Neutral Accessories With Flashy Clothes Source: Twitter Kate likes adding simple accessories to keep her look from being extra flashy. For instance, in 2015, when she was expecting, she wore a short coat with a striking design, a black purse, a

10 Hairstyle Tips That Can Help You Enhance Your Facial Features

The idea of beauty is highly nuanced and open to various interpretations. They say the path to self-acceptance comes with accepting your nose! In addition to the established norms of beauty standards, we have our own perceptions. If we are discussing so-called “imperfections” in facial characteristics, you should be aware that many of these may be unnoticeable by altering your hairdo. Here in this article, we have taken examples from celebrities with particular facial features and how they wear their hairdo to disguise these features. Note: We are not referring to any of these facial features as undesirable or expressing the need to hide or alter them. 1. Close-Set Eyes Twitter If the distance between your eyes is smaller than the diameter of one of your eyes, then your eyes appear to be closer. Jennifer’s close-set eyes might give the impression that they aren’t filling the eye socket correctly. However, the attention from the eyes can be mitigated by wearing hair to cover the

Debunking 9 Myths About Running That Most Of Us Believe To Be True

Did you know that about 621 million individuals take up running as a sport or hobby, and over $11 billion is annually spent on running shoes and other sports equipment ( 1 )? This data is promising since it demonstrates how seriously people take their physical health, which is inspiring. Some of them probably participate in local races, such as marathons, and put in a lot of time and effort training for them. However, there are numerous misconceptions about running that float around, and following them blindly can lead to severe injuries. Here in this article, we have debunked some of the everyday running myths that everyone should take note of. Read on to know them all. 1. You Can’t Assume That Running Will Help You Slim Down Shutterstock One of the most effective strategies to build cardiovascular strength, boost mood, and get better rest is to take up running as a means of workout. However, contrary to popular belief, it is not the most effective form of exercise for reducing b

7 Haircuts That’ll Flatter Your Face Shape And Emphasize Your Unique Facial Features

Have you noticed that celebrities always maintain their haircut for a long time and how awesome they look? Obviously, they have a whole team of stylists to recommend the perfect haircut to them, but it is not mere coincidence why the hairstyles they choose suit them so much. Each of us has distinct facial features; and believe it or not, the way we style our hair has a lot to do with our complete look. Here in this article, we have stated some distinct facial features that most people like to conceal, so here is the kind of haircuts you can look for to highlight your best qualities only. Read on! 1. Double Chin Shutterstock A short haircut is not a good idea if you have a double chin. Instead, try a cut that frames your face, like bangs, curls, or layers. By doing so, people will focus on your hair rather than your chin. Layering is essential, so keep that in mind. They widen the face and make it appear longer. If you prefer short hairstyles, try a chin-length bob cut with layers,

10 Bollywood Characters Who’ve Given Us Major Outfit Inspiration For The Festive Season

There is no denying that Bollywood is a great place for getting inspired for your outfits. Remember Deepika’s Badtameez Dil blue saree? Or Alia’s bridal lehenga in 2 States ? These outfits set trends the moment they are out, and it is always great to wear something that looks so good on you, especially for ethnic events. So if you have been wondering what clothes to get to make your festive season even more dazzling, we have got you covered. Here in this article are some of the most stunning outfits celebrities have worn in movies that make a perfect collection for your ethnic wardrobe. Read on! 1. Naina Khanna (Kiara Advani) In Jug Jug Jeeyo Source: Twitter Naina Khanna’s wardrobe was one of the film’s highlights for everyone. She changed into various ethnic clothes, and each of them would spark interest in the heart of the spectators. However, this red saree in particular that she wears to the wedding is something we can’t forget easily. The sleek fall of the saree and the stun