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Loungewear is Versatile – This Chic Guide Can Prove It

Fashion and personal style have never stayed constant. As fashion evolves and new trends emerge and influence the personal style of many. Take for example, loungewear. What started as a work-from-anywhere outfits saga and started blending with athleisure is now firmly standing the test of time by combining grace and comfort. From co-ords and soft knitwear to flattering silhouettes, this category of breathable clothing incorporates fresh and neutral palettes that double up as statement pieces when taken for a spin outdoors. The following styling tips will help you discover how you can smartly transform your loungewear into outdoor-appropriate fits. 1. For A Weekend Get-Together If you want to sport shorts in early winter, just pair your lounge coords with a cardigan or a long overcoat. The Ekouaer Women’s Loungewear Sets  are comfy without looking flimsy. The polyester fabric feels soft and warm and the top has a loose pullover cut. Suitable for all body shapes, the matching shorts c

Easy Ways To Add A Traditional Touch To Modern Homes

Interior decor has come a long way, from rugs resembling animal fur and gigantic television units with storage spaces. With millennials testing the waters of the “aesthetic” and Gen Z roping it in further, home decor has become more about reflecting individuality and personal taste. Focusing on the vibe of the place has preceded the need to transform it into a smorgasbord of showpieces. Instead the current trend inclines heavily towards minimalist decor with a pop of color—a simple way of reflecting personality through a presentation. While looking at the recent home decor trends and comparing them with the older styles, we found a trend slowly rising to take the decor universe by storm. The aesthetically pleasing fusion of functional pieces with traditional designs is making its way into most homes, and we are here for it! From a dash of vivid yellow on a plain brown couch to a dab of glittery blue in a sea of white, the chic contrast can spruce up a place effortlessly. So, if you’re

What Really Happens To Your Body When You Drink Tea Everyday

Tea is more than a beverage; it’s an emotion. You can feel cozy and warm even when you just think of yourself sitting in your favorite corner and sipping tea from your favorite cup. While tea is one of the most popular beverages worldwide, it also comes with additional healing properties that add value to your drink. So if you have been wondering what happens to your body with each cup of tea you drink daily, we are here with answers that will surprise you. Read on to know them all! 1. Reduces Cancer Risk Shutterstock Tea’s antioxidants and other chemicals may help reduce risks of cancer ( 1 ). Drinking tea is one of many straightforward strategies to reduce your risk of developing cancer. Different tea varieties have varied effects on certain kinds of cancers. 2. May Improve Your Skin Shutterstock Drinking black tea daily can drastically reduce the chances of developing skin problems. The results depend on how you brew affects the final product. Squamous cell carcinoma of th

Munch On These & Foods To Your Heart’s Content Without The Fear Of Gaining Weight

Shutterstock Many of us have charted a strict diet at some point in time and tried to follow it religiously for various reasons. Be it fitting into your favorite jeans, looking perfect for an event, or switching to a healthy food regime. But the thing about dieting that hurts the most is the quantity! What good will the tiny piece of cheesecake do on the side of your plate? Or the little bite of ice cream that melts away in your mouth before you can even taste it. We are not saying you should take a bigger piece of cake or a larger scoop of ice cream, but some foods can be eaten in large quantities but don’t make you gain weight as other food items would. And the best part? They are absolutely delicious! Read on to know them all! 1. Watermelon Shutterstock Most fruits remain low in calorie content and can be consumed in large quantities without causing significant weight gain. Fruits should be a regular part of everyone’s diet. We should eat at least one and preferably two port

6 Common Gray Hair Mistakes That Make You Older

A couple of decades ago, graying of hair was believed to be a sign of old age, and people all over the world indulged in the monthly ritual of coloring their hair black. However, now people are open to the natural changes occurring to their hair and body and have accepted graying with grace. And we can’t deny, if worn well and taken care of, gray hair is the new blonde. However, even though graying might be a natural process for some, it is not always as lustrous and shiny as it appears on Tv. Here in this article, we have discussed some common mistakes people make with gray hair that make them look much older than they are. Read on to learn all about it. 1. You Are Not Using Hair Oils Shutterstock Just because your hair is graying doesn’t mean you are free from the duties of oiling your hair. Graying hair often cannot make do with the scalp oils alone. Hence it needs to be oiled additionally. You can try deep nourishing oils that suit your hair and keep oiling fixed to twice a we

Why It’s Better Not To Wash Your Hair In The Shower In Winters

Yes, we know what you are thinking; how on earth do you take a shower without washing your hair? And even if you could do it, why would you? Well, there is a good reason not to do it; and we will explain that to you in this article. Now that winter is coming, and you prefer warmer water to soak your body in, this could be a bane for your hair. So, if you have been struggling with dry, lifeless, and dandruff-filled hair and blame the winters, it is not the season that is deteriorating your hair. Read on to find out why you should pack your hair in a shower cap and not wet it each time you shower. 1. It May Makes Your Hair Drier Shutterstock A hot shower is the best way to unwind after a long day. But the catch is, steaming hot water may dry out your hair and make it seem like straw. The effect is much like using hot hair styling tools without heat protectants. So, you must avoid using too hot or cold water while washing your hair. Lukewarm water is ideal if you want to regulate the

Priyanka Chopra’s Journey On Accepting Herself After The Complications Of A Surgery

Although we can’t present the exact statistics of how many times an individual looks at themselves in front of a mirror, we can assure you it’s a considerable amount of time. Whether brushing your teeth, combing your hair, scrutinizing your blackheads, or checking out how your outfit looks, the mirror sees everything. But this article is not about mirrors or why we admire ourselves. Imagine waking up, looking into a mirror, and finding changes in your appearance that makes you look like a stranger. As nightmarish as it sounds, our very own Pee Cee had to experience this trauma due to the poor execution of her nasal polyp surgery. Scary isn’t it? Read on to learn all about it. As a celebrity, the way you look and act is closely scrutinized by people worldwide. And you can only imagine how people would react to the sudden change in their appearance. After Priyanka Chopra decided to participate in Miss India and Miss World pageants, her career took a sharp turn from her former dreams of

9 Cringey Trends We All Followed Just A Decade Ago

If you had known wearing low-waisted jeans and glittery lip balm was not going to be in fashion forever, you wouldn’t have posted a million photos of yourself on your social media and tagged them as –  mah life mah rules . Yes, we know it’s super cringy, and you would do anything to go back in time and tell yourself it’s pointless, but that is the way trends work. What seems to be convenient and stylish today might embarrass you a few years down the line. And this is not limited to fashion alone. Various other trends we followed as teens or kids seem unbelievably out of place today. Read on to know them all! 1. Flaunting A Thigh Gap Shutterstock Not long ago, an unspoken beauty standard demanded a thigh gap in women. This made most girls and women diet and curb their appetite to fit into the unrealistic demands of beauty standards. The more the thigh gap, the more attractive the woman was considered to be. Thankfully that is all in the past, and people are leaning more toward natu